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I’m here to tell you why more people should start breakdancing. It is such a great sport and it can keep you athletically fit and it can be a great hobby. As a break dancer myself, I know the benefits that breakdancing can bring to you. Have you ever wished you could be one of those people that are spinning on their heads, dancing, and having a great time? Well you can be, all you have to do is get involved, it’s not hard at all. Breakdancing is such a great way to have some fun and impress your friends, and also to express yourself and show your character. If you want to be that “self-expressive character” that loves to impress and show off some of your moves, then you definitely need to give breakdancing a go.

One great thing breakdancing can help you do is keep with exercise. I know many people that can breakdance, me being one of them and it can really work your muscles and keep you in great condition. If you want to become more fit or stay fit, they breakdancing is a way to help you with this. Breakdancing can be great for any type of person and can help you in many different ways. All the different moves that you are able to perform in breakdancing will work a ton of muscles, even some muscles you didn’t even know you had! That is why breakdancing is great for exercise and keeping you fit, but another important part of breakdancing is expression.

Expression. That is what I believe is the most important part of breakdancing and many other people think it is too. Breakdancing is used to express your own style and the true you. The different moves created and all the different wardrobes of breakdancing express a bunch of peoples’ different styles. These different things express and shine a dancer’s personality. If you are just one of those people that hate, or are afraid of expressing themselves, and are so afraid of being different then try at breakdancing because you will end up expressing yourself and showing the real you without even...
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