Brave New World Essay

Topics: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley, Science fiction Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: December 5, 2011
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Question 3

Aldous Huxley wisely inserts many instances of distortion to the elements in Brave New World to successfully caution the world about its growing interest in technology.
Brave New World takes place in a futuristic society that has a date system entirely based off Henry Ford. Huxley intentionally distorted the setting of Brave New World so distance was created between his audience and the reader. This distance allows the reader to cast judgment upon the society without instantly realizing that he is actually judging himself. Had Huxley not painted a futuristic society, he wouldn’t have been able to get away with as much criticism because it would be a direct insult to the reader. Huxley wanted to caution as many people as possible to limit how much they become involved with science. So creating what seems like a gap between the reader’s society and the society within Brave New World was a strategic move to widen the audience. The actual places within Brave New World are also distorted in the sense that they are greatly exaggerated. Huxley not only exaggerates the setting of the New World, but he also exaggerates the reservation that the “savages” live on. Huxley purposely juxtaposes these two settings in order to illustrate just how odd of a society this New World contains. The reservation is described as being a natural place that gives off a “gross” connotation. The only reason this feeling of disgust is felt by the reader is because the entire beginning of the novel is focused in a sterile world that is seemingly perfectly hygienic. So, when Bernard goes to the savage reservation an instant comparison is made which makes it seem like the reservation is a worse place. Along with distorted places in Brave New World, the date system the New Society goes by is also distorted. Everything in this society is centralized around Henry Ford so the date system follows the pattern. The novel takes place in 632...
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