Brand Concept Formulation

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Brand Concept Formulation:  Jaques of London Balmoral Croquet Set

Brand Concept Elements and Parameter Descriptions
Brand Name:  Jaques of London Balmoral Croquet Set
1. Category strategy element -
Placement: Jaques boasts their authenticity by priding themselves in offering the world’s finest and largest range of Croquet Equipment available. Jaques invented the game of Croquet, introducing it to the world in 1851, and have been making Croquet sets of the highest quality ever since. Expansion: In 1816, the company did expand into a broader range of products and materials while becoming timber-based as they still are today. They also provided dentists with false teeth from hippopotamus ivory at one time. Category focus: However, today, Jaques makes no effort to confuse themselves with any other brand category besides games and sports manufacturing. Creation: Jaques is responsible for the creation of this category through innovation by inventing Croquet as well as many well known games, such as Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks, The Staunton Chess Set, Happy Families, Snap and many more. 2. Differentiation -

Expertise: Oldest maker of Croquet sets in the world.
Tradition: Continues to only sell traditional Croquet sets with 6 hoops. If you desire the Americanized version of the game, single hoops are available for purchase. Reliability & Durability: Jaques Croquet equipment has been used in every World Croquet Championship since they began. Jaques states that one of their Croquet sets can remain in a family for generations. Variety: Croquet sets offered by Jaques are the world’s finest and largest range of Croquet Equipment available. Passion: A belief of tradition, heritage, and trusted quality passed down to six generations. 3. Positioning -

Price: Balmoral is currently the most expensive Croquet set available at £3,999 and $4,999 USD. Since croquet generally appears to have middle to upper-class players of the game, Jaques positions themselves well with a high price for a premium product. However, Jaques also offers several less expensive sets at a fair price. Quality: Jaques is the leader in Croquet equipment due to a proven track record of delivering the finest product available for decades. Expansion: Jaques has an American location in Salt Lake City (Jaques America) specializing in the mail order of Jaques of London to the USA. Atmosphere:  Croquet is a game usually played at Croquet clubs with specially built courts for precision and accuracy, attracting elite members looking for friendly competition. 4. Functionality and performance -

Craftsmanship: Since precision and quality is of the utmost importance to a challenging, strategic game such as Croquet, Jaques only produces games and sport equipment which further supports their ability to deliver superior quality and innovation to their products unlike any other brand. Proven quality and performance: Jaques Croquet equipment has been used in every World Croquet Championship since they began. This is a testament to quality, precision and durability of our Croquet equipment. Jaques of London are also ranked 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon and 8.8 out of 10 on TrustPilot, Europe's largest and fastest-growing consumer review platform, which Jaques proudly displays on the left pane of their website. 5. Emotions linked to the brand -

Elegance: “Balmoral” – Named after a castle in Scotland, evoking the sense a royal and luxurious lifestyle. Origin: European influences with the set (and many others) named after famous estates in Europe as well as the origin of the game and company. Quality: As the leading provider of Croquet sets for decades, Jaques remembers the importance of the art of craftsmanship in product design and seizes every opportunity to make a superior product using the best materials available. Competition: Primarily a competition-based sport played using equipment made from quality materials. Croquet is a competitive sport with...
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