Bp Oil Spill

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BP Oil Spill
Chait, J, (2010). Dear Leader. New Republic, 241(10), 2-2. Retrieve June 21, 2010, from
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This article discusses the present oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The president’s has not changed the Minerals Management Service. In reality, the federal government has no agency tasked with capping undersea oil leaks. All the necessary equipment, along with the expertise for operating it, resides with the private sector. BP will likely bear the full cost of the spill; it has every incentive to deploy its equipment as aggressively as possible. I have seen nobody even attempt to argue, in either practical or theoretical terms, that the government could do a better job of plugging the leak. Crowley, M, (2010). BP Twilight? Not Yet. Time, 175 (24), 58-59. Retrieve June 21, 2010, from

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This article compares the disasters of the BP oil spill to the Three Mile Island disaster of 1979. It also takes a look at the Exxon Valdes tanker spill of 1989. Congress responded with the 1990 Oil. Pollution Act, which assigned liability for cleanup costs to companies responsible for major spills and also required thicker oil-tanker hulls. And while the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in a far greater body of water, it's also much closer to densely populated areas. That's why this spill is sure to prompt new safety, oversight and liability regulations for offshore oil drilling--and has already undercut Obama's proposal for expanding that industry. Mimi, H. (2010, June 16). Apologetic BP pledges $20B. USA Today, Retrieved June 21, 2010,

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Eight weeks after oil started gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, Svanberg issued his apology Wednesday after a lengthy White House meeting that included a one-on-one session with President Obama. BP also agreed to put another $100 million into a foundation for out-of-work oil rig workers. The $20 billion, in line with a typical one-year profit for BP, Obama...
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