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Topics: Ethics, Social responsibility, Virtue ethics Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: October 14, 2014
1. What are the main ethical issues and dilemma BP faces in this case? A project that is on a large scale faces some issues, including: There are concerns about the coating of the pipeline and the risks of leakages, in particular in Georgia, where oil spills might significantly impact the country’s strategic water resources in the Bojorni National Park. Concerns were also raised over the fact that the pipeline runs through earthquake zones, which leakages nearly inevitable or could not be avoided. Campaigners have highlighted the prospect of up to 30,000 civilians along the pipeline being at least temporarily relocated. On the political level, with civil unrest and wars in the region the pipeline passes within only a few miles of the war- torn area of Nagorno Karabakh the project had always been accompanied by considerable fears of terrorist attacks. Also there are countries which the pipelines are supposed to go very high levels of bureaucracy and corruption, as shown in the various indices.

2. How would you evaluate BP's approach to the social, environmental and economic impacts of the project for local communities? Assess the approach from the perspective of utilitarianism and deontology first. Will the assessment differ from the rights and justice based perspective? Bp is considered at the time of the pipeline’s construction to be one of the top or leading companies in embracing sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).BP initiatives renewable energy , climate change , human rights , and corruption prevention. BP set up a Regional Sustainability Development Program (RSDP) from early stages of the project in order to to proactively address the social, ethical and environmental issues” • Environment investment program which aims to address ecological issues. • Community Investment Program (CIP) with a budget of about $ 20m, mostly address the most social issues during the construction phase. •Long term Regional Development Initiative (RDI)...
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