Boy Meets World

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Boy Meets World was one of my favorite childhood sitcom; it shows ethical decisions that needed to be made in the era. The sitcom has multiple angles and perspectives of different issues and life lessons. The main character Corey Matthews goes through life long journey with struggles and mishaps with family and friends. Boy Meets World shows how the “average” teenager is life. During the time of the show, the Matthews made is seem that the most important thing in life was family and friends. This sitcom shows personal, historical, technical, ethical, cultural, and critical perspectives. Personal Perspective

I have always loved this show. It had taught me a lot about growing up and what love should be like, whether it’s with friends, family or a significant other, it has also taught me what true friendship is all about, how friends should always be there for you through thin and thick. I was three years old when this sitcom first aired, so I didn’t start watching it until I was probably eight or nine, I fell in love with it and I ended up getting all of the series on VHS. Boy Meets World shows how 6th graders act and family values seeming like there isn’t even a script, it just seems so real. Historical Perspective

Throughout the seven years that Boy Meets World was on, there were 158 episodes and 22 seasons. The sitcom first aired September 24, 1993 and the last show of the series ended May 5, 2000. Michael Jacobs and April Kelly are the two people who had created Boy Meets World. The sitcom won The Kid’s Choice Award in 2000, three in 1996, 1999, and 2000 for the Young Artist Award and one in 1998 for the YoungStar Award. They were nominated for eighteen awards, between 1994-2000. (ArtistDirect) Technical Perspective

Boy Meets World was created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelley. The executive producers are Michael Jacobs, David Kendall, Bob Young, Howard Busgang, Mark Blutman and Bob Tischler. The majority of the scenes were filmed in John Marshall High...

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