Boxing Is Barbaric and Should Be Banned

Topics: Boxing, Knockout, Combat sports Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: May 5, 2010
Boxing is Barbaric and Should be Banned

Cuts and bruises, broken ribs, internal bleeding, brain damage, death. Is the sport of boxing too much of a risk? Although cockfighting and bearbaiting have been banned for several decades in most civilized countries, fistfights between people are still allowed. Boxing first started out as a sport in the Olympic Games from as early as 688 BC. Boxing (sometimes also known as pugilism) is a combat sport in which two participants, generally of similar weight class, fight each other with their fists. Victory is achieved if the opponent is knocked down and unable to get up before the referee counts to ten seconds or, if the opponent is deemed too injured to continue. A number of doctors are behind the banning of the sport because of the serious nature of the injuries that can be sustained during a match. The most common injuries consist of cuts and bruises, which consequently, lead to stitches and dental work being required. However, injuries sustained from the sport can be much worse; body blows that can lead to internal bleeding and broken ribs. Furthermore, the most serious risk comes from the possibility of either catastrophic or gradual brain damage. Brain damage comes from an injury caused by a single blow or several blows to the head. Gerald McClellan is a living example of the serious effects boxing can have. McClellan went up in weight to challenge world Super-Middleweight champion Nigel Benn in London on February 25, 1995. McClellan slumped to one knee in round ten. He was counted out and collapsed in his corner. Later it was discovered he had suffered extensive brain damage. He lost his eyesight, the ability to walk unassisted and became 80 percent deaf. In this match there were no doctors on site and he had to wait for a cubicle at the hospital. Despite this, those in favour of the sport would argue that now there are always doctors at ring side, the referee can stop the match at any time, the ropes have...
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