Born on the Fourth of July

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October 16, 2012

Born on the Fourth of July



Through out the history of life there has been death and destruction. It comes in many forms, but the form we will focus on is the death and destruction of one’s faith, self image, beliefs and even ones motivational factors. I came across this move in the list and thought about my own experiences and the experiences of others like me that had to go through the previous trials and tribulations and I found that the movie “Born on the Fourth of July” is not only based off a true character, but also the people that the character had come in contact with. Born on the Fourth of July shows the trials and tribulations of a young man that believed in one thing as a young adolescent, grew up to accomplish his dreams, have those dreams crushed following a tragic event, then having another dream form following his heart being broken and having his spirit torn apart. This movie show not only how one man can overcome his trials and tribulations, but how he can change others and positively motivate others and become a great leader of men. This movie inspired me because I had the same dream as a child, I wanted to join the United States Army, get married and have a family, and while in the Army I became injured, was going through a rough divorce and had my whole life torn upside down but was still able to overcome the hardships and make something better of myself in life and move onto the positives.


Born on the Fourth of July takes placed in the early 40’s and has a positive turn around in the mid to late 70’s. This movie takes the dream of a young man and his friends that see’s the wonders of an organization in the world and wants to be part of that organization, the United States Marine Corps, and has a life changing event while serving in Vietnam and becomes a paraplegic and spends the rest of his time in a wheel chair. During this time the country was strong and proud of their heritage and beliefs, but there were certain groups that were protesting the war, protesting the soldiers and even protesting the government that was empowering this great country. Sgt. Ron Kovic was a Marine that was in Vietnam and had progressed through the ranks pretty quick because of his beliefs and strong leadership, but that was about to change when one battle he was commanding his Marines and a grave accident happened; Sgt Kovic attempted to make amends and report the incident but his chain of command didn’t want to hear of it. Sgt Kovic was ordered back in the front lines and of the final battle prior to him redeploying back to his home, Sgt Kovic became wounded in action taking a bullet in his back, leaving him paralyzed in a wheel chair for the rest of his life, changing his life both for the worst and for the best. During this time of return the United States was torn in half, there were protesters that wished for the Vietnam Conflict to cease and bring the men home from war; And the government believed that they were there fighting to end Communism tyranny. There was tyranny between family and friends and the unknown. The protesters saw that a baby killer was in a wheel chair returning from Vietnam and they placed judgment on the men that had fought and died for their country.


In life we have theories to try and explain the meaning of life and even the explanations of life’s events. From the readings in our text, John J. Macionis has developed three theories and they can be applied to the movie Born on the Fourth of July. Let’s take a look from the structural-functional perspective, a theory that states “A macro-level orientation, concerned with broad patterns that shape society as a whole” (Macionis), which means that society has a bigger picture on how we all see ourselves. Born on the Fourth of July happened in a time where America was torn by love of country and love of...

Cited: Kovic, Ron, Vietnam vets story told in 'Born on the Fourth of July '
By: Kitty Bennett | from: AARP Bulletin | December 20, 2011
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