Born Into Brothels

Topics: Red-light district, Education, Human rights Pages: 5 (2005 words) Published: September 14, 2010
1) In the beginning credits of the film, we see images of the children’s eyes looking down on images of the red light district. What themes do these images reflect? What does it tell the viewer about the children? The themes reflect the environment of the red light district. The society is in distress; children walking through the lanes in the middle of the night. The atmosphere is closed in; separating the people from the “other world” The living conditions are dirty and sinful; Men taking advantage of women. The children are stranded, there is no way out, there is no hope.

2) What is the role of photography in this film? The role of photography is giving an opportunity for the children to express themselves. It also keeps them occupied and away from the environment. It lets them possess power; that they are in charge of what to with the camera. When they receive their final copy of the photo; there is a warmth feeling of accomplishment.

3) What is the role of music in this film? The music plays a role in creating mood, anxiety, and atmosphere. 4) What are the changes in the children’s outlook and personalities when they are taken out of the brothel to the beach and zoo? The children seem free, especially at the beach. There running, smiling, comforting one another. Show’s they are just ordinary children. Gour’s outlook on the zoo represents the children’s lives. He quotes “The animals in the zoo are shut in their cages, they are fed only once a day and that too just a little” Like I said before they are trapped from the “outside world.”

5) If these children were taken out of the brothel environment permanently, do you think that they could fully recover from the injustices and trauma that they have previously faced? Why? Why not? They won’t fully recover, a child that is confronted to sex, drugs and alcohol to an early age would suffer dramatically. Because a child’s brain hasn’t matured yet, they are still absorbing information and if they are interacted with these matured things it could do some effect on how they communicate and think. In time, they would be able to cope with the trauma.

6) If life in the brothels is all the children have ever known, then how do they know that it is not how they want to live? If it has become the norm, then how do they know that it is not normal for a child to grow up in that environment? Are we born with an internal human rights’ radar? Is awareness of human rights a part of human nature? Gour quotes “I want to take Puja away from this environment.” By this quote he knows that there is better society out there. Therefore I think all the children know there something better out there. But they learn live with the situation they are in. Family is a big priority in their lives. Family comes before them.

7) Why did Zana become so involved with these children? What lessons did Zana learn throughout her journey? There were times when Zana seemed to get very frustrated with the bureaucracy in India. What do you think kept her going? Zana saw the children were in need, they weren’t going to have a bright future. She didn’t want the kids to go through the same process as their parents did. She wanted the children to have an education; she wanted the children to have a better life. When she taught photography she saw the kids having fun. No child deserves to have no chance in life.

8) Think about the scene in which Zana is talking to a school principal about the possibility of enrolling the children into school. The principal says “No one will take them.” - What does it mean to have the right to education?

- What challenges do these children face in claiming their right to education? - Should the possibility of being HIV positive affect your right to an education? - Should being the child of a sex-worker take away that right? None of these factors should influence a child’s right to having an education. They should have a fair go. An education would get them out of the...
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