Book Review the Bamboo Flute

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HISTORY ASSINGMENT “The Bamboo Flute”Will Groves

“The Bamboo Flute” is a book set in late 1920 and early 1930 Australia when times were hard and the economy was very bad. People had lost their jobs and had no money to buy necessities. It is about a young boy, Paul, who has to help a lot on the farm he lives on with his mother and father. He goes to school 5 miles away and takes him an hour to walk to school each day. Each day he falls asleep in class because he is so tired from having to wake up early to help on the farm so his family can have food and crops to sell for money. Lots of men come past their farm and come to the door to look for work and a sandwich cup of tea out of it. At school all the children are told not to talk to these men as they are most likely unreliable and have been stealing crops. However, Paul is out investigating the death of a lamb when he finds a campfire and an old man, Eric the Red, who is playing a silver flute. He talks to Paul and shows him how to make a flute out of a stick of bamboo. Paul takes the flute to school and it is confiscated but it is returned to him when the teacher realises what it is. When Paul plays the flute at home his father is unhappy at first sight of the flute but his face brightens as he hears the music. From this book we can learn that life in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s was very hard. Many people were just trying to make a living and would steal from the better-off just to provide food for their families and themselves. Lots of families couldn’t afford many parts of living and had to go without numerous essentials. Working conditions were very low as people were willing to do almost anything in return for money or food. The living conditions for the poor were very low and many people struggled to scrape a living. In contrast, the rich found it much easier as they weren’t as affected by the crash in the economy. The rich town kids in the school were much more popular and had...
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