Book Review of Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: January 22, 2009
Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Monster is the story about a 16 year old black boy named Steve Harmon from Harlem. Steve is on trial for a being a possible accomplice to a murder. The book begins with him in jail waiting for his trial to start. The story is written in screenplay format, due to Steve’s passion for filmmaking, along with Steve's journal writing which he does even in the courtroom. Steve writes this way to keep his sanity while being in prison during the trial. The majority of the story takes place in the courtroom. Steve is there with another defendant, James King, who has his own attorney. The events of the robbery unfold through the accounts of witnesses, attorneys and the participants. The book is about Steve's trial and whether he will be found guilty of felony murder

The story starts with Steve in his cell, he is very nervous. He only cries at night so the other prisoners can't hear him. There is a mirror in his room with names of other prisoners scratched into it, he looks into it and calls himself "Monster" . This is the name the prosecutor gave him and the others involved in the crime. He flashes back to when he was ten. He and his friend are throwing rocks and breaking windows then running from the owners. He is with strangers now. He eats, sleeps and even has to go to the bathroom in front of them.

Sandra Petrocelli is the prosecuting lawyer and is good. She is pushing for the death penalty. She states that everyone involved in the crime is equally guilty including the one who wrestled for the gun, the robber and the two lookouts. She is trying to prove that Steve knew and associated with the two robbers who are bad characters. He was a lookout for them. Two men, James King and "Bobo" Evans entered a drugstore. They were to rob the owner, Mr. Nesbitt. Little did they know Mr. Nesbitt had a licensed gun. There was a struggle and Mr. Nesbitt was shot dead. There was a woman in the store at the time of the crime and...
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