Book Report: Mavericks at Work

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“If you do things the way everybody else does them, why do you think you’re going to do any better?” Originality. This was the centerpiece of the Purple Cow and really, this is the key element to becoming a maverick. The maverick pushes how to differentiate himself from the competition in smart, strategic ways. This isn’t a unique concept, but the idea is simple. If you’re original, and the idea does not work, it may go unnoticed or you may get made fun of. If the idea works and is efficient, others follow and you are a genius. The key here is not to deliver, but to try. If you don’t have the courage to try; you don’t have the courage to succeed.

Competition can help make you grow as we. Compete one-on-one; compete against another company; compete against your own objectives – the more the competition, the potentially better product (you) because of what’s at stake… pride. Passion always will be in the driver’s seat. This feeling drives a person for better work; it makes you stay late and wake up early. Passion drives you to what others would call work each day. I have no passion to do the dishes, but I do have passion to conceptualize a mobile app.

No matter how much passion you have, you should also retain humbleness for the unknown. Don’t assume; don’t be a know-it-all; and keep learning. The most effective leaders are the ones who are the most insatiable learners. Simple is difficult. But always keep it simple as possible. And you don’t sell a product; you sell an experience. Starbucks makes millions over cheaper priced stores because they sell experience, not just coffee. Be unique in your story; be simple in your delivery.

Social Media works. Reach out to your contacts on a personal level, and they respond. They talk about you and how they personally feel. This affects their network, which builds a quasi-trust with your brand. Invest in social and your customers feel connected with you. This builds loyalty. Then build the product. The book then turns into the investment of people. Of not hiring separate stars, but hiring teammates that build the products whose the star. David Roberts didn’t win the 2004 World Series for the Sox. No, his team put him in the position to be an all-star and he delivered. The Red Sox then won the series. And it goes to the question of ”why would great people join your organization” in the first place? Is it the exciting projects? Is it the culture? Or is it just a job.

Those were some of the main points. Overall, the book was good, but I don’t know if Rob missed it too much over the past few months from his bookshelf

Meet the innovators and upstarts who are inventing the future of business. Their unconventional ideas and groundbreaking strategies can become your business plan for the twenty-first century-a better way to lead, compete, and succeed.

Business as usual is a bust. In industry after indus-try, the old guard is cutting back and losing ground. Meanwhile, organizations that were once dismissed as upstarts, as wildcards-or mavericks-are making waves and growing fast. There is a reason: In an age of hypercompetition and nonstop innovation, the only way to stand out from the crowd is to stand for something truly original.

That's the lesson behind the companies, executives, and entrepreneurs you'll meet in Mavericks at Work.They are winning big in business by rethinking the logic of how business gets done. They have devised exciting new answers to the timeless challenges facing organizations of every size and leaders in every field: how you make strategy, how you unleash new ideas, how you connect with customers, how your best people achieve great results.

Who are these mavericks? They are break-the-mold business units inside giants such as IBM and Procter & Gamble, as well as high-profile innovators such as HBO and Pixar. They are Internet banks and gold mines, fashion retailers and advertising agencies, funky sandwich shops and hard-charging computer...
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