Book Critique Family to Family

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Book Critique #2- Family to Family

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. Yat Por
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course
Evan 565

Amy Bradley

27 February 2012

Bibliographical Entry

Pipes, Dr. Jerry and Lee, Victor. Family to Family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy. United States: Victor Lee, 2010. Author Information
The purpose of this section is to identify the author (translator or editor) of the book. If available, present the author's background, academic training, and practical experience. You can help a reader understand a book by describing the author. Contemporary Authors or other biographical sources may provide author information. Content Summary

In Family to Family, Dr. Pipes and Mr. Lee set to establish routines and suggestions for building quality family time for Christian families. According to Pipes and Lee, the reason why churches are losing teens once they become adults is that families are too busy, too involved in outside activities and not incorporating Christian values and quality family time into their routines (Pipes and Lee, 2010). It is a very simple book, written in plain terms that does not incorporate a lot of technical terminology or rules for families to follow.

The authors suggest activities at the end of each section. They cover ideas such as creating mission statements for the family, how to lead a child to Christ and engaging in volunteerism as a family. Within each chapter, the authors allow for different age groups for the children, for single parent families and for traditional two parent families. Pipes and Lee also include many references for follow up to activities. From scripture from the Bible to different books by other authors to website information, the authors provide multiple avenues for follow up for parents and families to keep the job simple for incorporating these activities into family time.


Pipes and Lee seemingly...
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