Topics: Drug, Drug addiction, Illegal drug trade Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: October 1, 2013
Buzzed. The Straight Facts about the Most Used and Abused Drugs – Cynthia Kuhn Jackson Keimig. 8/15/12. RHS Honors Biology

Buzzed, by Cynthia Kuhn, has a simple yet enormously broad topic. To give undeniable facts about the most used and abused drugs to the reader. The author tried to do this in a way that was very understandable to any appropriate reader that picked up the book. Ultimately Buzzed was made to give people the ability to make informed decisions on drug use.

Each individual drug or class of drugs mentioned in the book came with common main points. First the history of drug back to its earliest known use would be given to the reader. Then, Kuhn would discuss how the drug or drugs move through the body. Consecutively, the reader would learn how the drug(s) moves through the body and/or brain. Lastly, the author would give lists of drugs that if taken under the influence of the previously discussed drug, could cause major injury or even death.

Cynthia Kuhn’s book is very unique in its argument – there isn’t one. Buzzed is very neutral and strictly fact based. The book literally contains purely facts, and possible conclusions from recent studies with science’s latest technologies. The book’s goal is obvious, not to persuade, only to inform.

With this basis of a book, there is no thesis or correct conclusion for the reader. What the reader concludes is purely up to their own opinions and thoughts. It is up to him or her to decide if they would take a specific drug, if it should be legal, and even what should be thought of it. What Buzzed gives to the reader, and what they decide to do with it is different for each person.

In my opinion, Cynthia Kuhn achieved her purpose. She provided an “encyclopedia” on the most used and abused drugs in society today. It is formatted so that even a teenager could understand the content. Also, the book stayed completely neutral and factual to the reader, and focused on the goal to educate, not persuade. As...
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