Bog Bodies

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Bog Bodies
Explain what the archaeological and scientific examinations reveal about the life and death of bog bodies Bog bodies are persevered bodies that have been found in the bogs of northern Europe. Bog bodies are well preserved bodies from thousands of years ago, and their conditions are well preserved to leave skin tissue, hair, bones, etc and even leave evidence on how their lifestyles where back then. Such as finding what there last meal was from the stomach tissue and how their last meal they ate could connect to other theories and facts to find the connection on what season they died in, and what time they died in. Also food can be the source to tell how they died, for example Lindow man, his last meal was burnt griddlecake, scientists and archaeologist had found out that Lindow man died by customs and rituals that who had been sacrificed is the one who had the burnt griddlecake. All griddle cake was handed out and the others who got the non-burnt griddle cake were safe from sacrifice. Also they can find out either the person was wealthy or not if they were well pampered their finger nails would show that and the types of materials they were wearing when they were found. No one really knows why these bog bodies had been tortured many times, as they would be dead from a blow to a head, but I guess is a mystery that no one will never really find the full truth on why they were being sacrificed in these ways such as blows to the head, smashed skull, cuts, severe wounds, hanged, garrotted and all types of other gruesome ways of killing. Arceohlogtist and forensic scientist had also discovered that some got tortured either for punishment or sacrifice, though some found it an honour to be sacrificed. “If sacrificing an animal shows your respect to the ones they worshiped, they also thought a human sacrifice would show even more respect and commitment”. They found there possible causes of death by examining not just the bog body by itself but by examining...
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