Boeing's Organizational Structure

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The Organizing Function at Boeing

Organizing is one of the four functions of management. It is in this function that the plans are beginning to move so therefore the organizing function is definitely different from the other functions of management. This is where top level management hands down positions and assign task to the individuals that possess the appropriate skills. Some organizations have procedure manuals or resource manuals created to information is distributed evenly to staff members.

When organizing an organization, management carefully hand-pick team members for specific task. These particular individuals are both skilled and knowledgeable about their positions. Management has every confidence that assignments will be completed with both effectiveness and efficiency.

If we look at the organizing function at a wider spectrum such as with Boeing, much more is at stake. The success of the business depends on how well the organizing function is implemented. It is vital that a lot of attention is on the daily organizing because it can have a monetary affect on the organization. The need for effectiveness and efficiency can only be done by creating a structure for their newly developed ideas and plans. The plan that is currently in place at Boeing will help them produce their products at the most cost efficient rate. (Boeing 2007)

Boeing has been around for many years and they have had set backs and errors that placed them on the path of growth. From now on every move toward success may cost the company more money than they lost before. This why organization is necessary so with each operational choice, and even greater reward occurs for this large corporation. (Boeing, 2002)

Like other organizations Boeing has its’ own human resource department in place. Compensation structuring, reward policies and performance policies need to be uniform. Boeing faced problems with its employees when the union went on strikes regularly. (Lubove,...

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