Topics: Sleep, Co-sleeping, Bed Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Olena Shelest
Spokane Community College

This is the act of parents sleeping close to their babies and young children instead of sleeping in a separate room. It is a common activity practiced in most countries of the world. It can be referred to as ‘bed-sharing’ where children and babies share beds with their parents. There are also conflicting views that contradict and oppose the act of co-sleeping (McKenna, 2007). Close to 50 percent of North Americans adults agree and support the practice of co-sleeping with their babies. North America has the leading number of co-sleeping practices among all the countries in the world. Bed sharing was a common practice till the nineteenth century when the advent of giving a child his or her own room. Statics show on children with an age ranging from 4-10 showed that close to 94 percent of them and infants with an age of two weeks to two years engage in bed sharing with their parents. In France, cases of co-sleeping are too minimal compared to those in North America. This is mainly the main reason why French babies are used to sleeping on their own at a tender age. Co-sleeping has several benefits to the growth of a child. The act is said to promote, create and develop a mutual bonding that develops as the child sleeps with his or her parents. This further ensures that the parents get more sleep and enhances breastfeeding of the infants. It has been scientifically proven that the stress hormones are quite low among mothers who co-sleep with their babies. It also balances this stress hormone (cortical) which should be controlled for the healthy growth of a child. Studies have shown that babies who stay close to their mothers develop higher levels of growth hormones and enzymes that are essential for brain and heart growth (Berger Kathleen Stassen, 2013).. Furthermore, co-sleeping promotes a long term emotional healthy life among the babies. Infants who sleep with their parents are seen to be less anxious...

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