Bmw Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
oBMW is not the best biggest but the best car company in the world. oBMW has strongly influenced consumers through media and film industry. oSpartanburg demonstrates that BMW is firmly committed to the US market and rededicated to the performance values that made BMW a cult here in the 1980s. oThe Spartanburg plant can build 250 to 300 cars a day and production is set up to be flexible so that it can produce several models on the same line in random sequence. oThe plant currently employs 1,500 people and the plan is to grow to 2,000 by the end of this decade. oSpartanburg offer us the opportunity to develop a new set of relationships in North America. •Weaknesses

oTheir corporate image is too serious and tradition-bound.
oBMW was perceived to be a German-made car, not an American-made car. •Opportunities
oThe cars won't be that expensive as compared to German-manufactured cars. oThis is BMW's first auto plant outside Europe. This is the chance for BMW to take a step away from being a German car manufacturer towards its long-term goal of becoming a truly global brand. oSpartanburg can really change what BMW stands for.

oOther luxury car import manufacturers were rumored to have similar concepts under development. oThere are a lot of competitor luxury cars in the country.

Alternative Courses of Action
•ACA#1: Take the traditional marketing strategy of BMW. This is the traditional television and print advertisement marketing strategy. The television and print ads will be utilized in order for the new Z3 roadster be advertised all over the United States. oAdvantages

oIn this way, the tradition of television and print advertising will be preserved. oIt will be less costly for them to advertise the new Z3 model. oDisadvantages
oTheir goal of making the new Z3 model unconventional will be defied. oThere will be less impact with regards to their new car model.
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