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Dear friends and respected teacher…
As you all sit before me today, you may not think that saving a life is something that is easy. But what if I say that you are capable of saving a life…? And if I say that it would take just 15 minutes of your time to save 3 lives…! Would you give 15 minutes of your time to save those lives…? Every 3 seconds, someone is in desperate need of blood. So I’ll like too speak something regarding blood donation… We all need blood to survive, but for sick children, accident victims and cancer patients just to name a few – a shortage of donated blood means the difference between life and death. Today we have bio technologically engineered human organ that can be transplanted at time of need. But there is no substitute for blood. Blood donors are the only source of blood for these sick children, accident victims and cancer patients. Their life depends on such donated blood. And even some how their life indirectly depends on all of us in this room today. Currently only 5% of those eligible to do so actually donate blood even though 1 in 3 people will need this blood at some point in their lifetimes. Imagine your closest friend suffered a heart attack and needed to undergo open heart surgery. Imagine your sister or brother was diagnosed with cancer and needed regular transfusions of platelets. Not very nice images are they, but these things happen. You may have even already had similar experiences. Most people are not aware of how vital their contribution could be in saving lives. As I said earlier, 1 donation could save up to 3 lives. Giving that donation will cost you nothing. Giving that donation will not put you in any danger. Giving the donation will take 10 – 15 minutes of your time. 10 – 15 minutes to save 3 lives. We just have one life, so let us make our one life more meaningful by donating blood. Blood donation is the mother of all donations. Blood donation directly gives life to another human being. A person can donate...
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