bladder cancer

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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is usually found in mature people, developing more around the age of fifty five.. Men are up to four times higher chance of getting bladder cancer over the course of years more than women are. White people are nearly twice as more often to get bladder cancer as black people.. The good news is that bladder cancer is often found in the early stages and when it is still located in the bladder. In around only half of the cases the cancer has only invaded the inner layer of the bladder. In approximately thirty percent of cases the cancer has moved into the deeper bladder layers. In those cases where the cancer has spread outside the bladder, it normally has not gone far. Only a small percentage of patients that have cancer that started in the bladder and has spread to organs that are not in the same area. Symptoms of bladder cancer can apply to many different conditions, so it is best to get checked out by a doctor if you have some or all of the indicators. Bladder cancer symptoms can include: blood in the urine (change in the color), painful urination, urinating frequently, pain in the back and pain in the pelvis. If you have not seen blood in your urine, but have noticed some of the other signs it is still important to get checked by a doctor. There can be tiny traces of blood in the urine that you will not see. A urine test will check for minute traces of blood in the urine. The greatest risk factor for bladder cancer is from smoking. Smoking will double your risk for developing bladder cancer. Certain chemicals like arsenic that sometimes can be found in drinking water and in the dye industry, are linked to bladder cancer. Certain industries that use organic chemicals that may cause bladder cancer are leather, textiles, and paint products as well as printing companies and are also found in many hair dyes. Also chronic urinary irritations such as kidney and bladder stones and infections increase the risk of bladder cancer. Not...
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