Black Milk Clothing Social Media Marketing

Topics: Social media, Facebook, Twitter Pages: 4 (1342 words) Published: April 6, 2014
 Give me nylon or give me death
Nothing like a night out downtown and the entire night you are being complimented on a unique and yet very astonishing pair of purple galaxy leggings. Yes, I said it, purple galaxy leggings from the one and only Black Milk Clothing created by James Lillis from Brisbane, Australia. Black Milk Clothing (BMC) is only an online store that specializes in unique crazy-printed nylon leggings, swimsuits, and dresses. The reason why BMC is such a unique company is because it only uses social media and their customer base for marketing. The goals that James Lillis made for his clothing company of BMC is to make girls happy all around the world while wearing astonishing and unique pieces and to discover BMC brand only through social media. With these goals of a company, this is what makes BMC so much more different than any other business. Black Milk Clothing uses various amounts of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Tumblr. BMC does not use any fashion magazines, banner ads, or advertisements to promote their clothing. BMC wants to keep their brand less commercial and more organic. BMC continues to have a $0 marketing budget since the creator James Lillis was broke and also knew social media would be free and the cheapest way to get his clothing discovered. After a purchase is made through BMC, each package has one card with all the social media available associated with BMC to let the customer know where to share their new piece of clothing. Unfortunately unless you have heard or seen these unique pieces of clothing that is the only way you will know about BMC. BMC wants their business to grow not by banner ads, but by women all over the world discovering their pieces only by social media. What makes BMC so unique is the passion and obsession of their customers. BMC targets geeky girls interested in science related, cartoon comics and hit movie style nylon clothing. BMC does...

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