black berries in june

Topics: Luck, Lucky Ali, High school Pages: 4 (694 words) Published: June 25, 2014

Blackberries in June
The hardships that Jamie deals with in this story are intense. She tries her best to overcome all the obstacles thrown her way. Jamie deals with working remarkably hard, the negativity of her family, and trying to understand what’s best for her and Matt by working on their lake house and their future together. Jamie works tremendously hard at a cafe. She plans to take night classes after work, so she can work in a dentist office one day. The amount of work she does is more than most people around there do. Not to mention, her and Matt work every single day fixing up their new lake house. Rash writes, “First get the house fixed up, Jamie thought. Then when that was done she and Matt would start taking night classes again at the technical college, in a year they’d have their degrees. Then good jobs and children” (239). This was a dream that the two of them have had since they were in high school, and they were determined to make this happen. Jamie’s family, with the exception of her brother Charlton, is very negative about her and Matts so called “good luck”. Linda, Charlton’s wife, thinks that Charlton over pays Matt. She is very bitter about Jamie and Matt having such luck and buying a lake house at such a young age. Rash writes, ‘”I reckon we don’t all get lucky with lake houses and such,’ Linda said, looking not at Matt but at Jamie, ‘but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve it just as much. You just make sure your husband saves enough of his strength to do the job Charlton’s over paying him to do”’(241). Matt always reassures Jamie that Linda is just envious and that the two of them do work very hard and have earned everything that they have. After Charlton got into an accident at work, even Jamie’s mother wasn’t very encouraging about them having such nice things so young and expected Jamie to help Linda and Charlton out, what seems to be a little too much. Jamie’s mother tells her, ‘”That lake house, you had no right to expect...
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