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Manga is one of the population trend in Japan. There are different types of manga, such as romantic, fighting, funny, but one type of manga has pop-up in this industry these decades and becoming more and more acceptable in Japan, especially girls. It is called BL manga. BL, which is the short form of BOY’S LOVE(ボーイズラブ), which is a kind of manga that features the love story between two boys. This kind of manga can’t be recognized as such main-stream as the other kinds of manga, but it definitely has its market. The topic of BL has been used not only in manga, but also in different kinds of media like games, CD dramas and novels. But this study is mainly focusing on the BL manga. Many people will ask, why there are such many girls would like to read BL manga? What are the attracting points? It is interesting that most fans of BL manga are girls instead of those homosexual boys. Why girls are so fancy with the love relationship between two boys? Therefore, this study is conducted to explore why Japanses girls are so fancy with BL manga and what culture backgroung leading to this trend by reading one of the most famous BL manga --Zetsuai-1989- (絕愛) and investigate through different kinds of public forum and different reading materials related to BL.

The genres of BL can roughly divided into two categories:



In this essay, we will mainly focusing on the former BL manga in stead of BL-H manga

BL (Boy’s love) is a manga which features the topic of the love relationship between two young boys. Mostly, the authors of these are female. In Asian countries, BL manga is also known as Tanbi manga (たんび), which is kind of style that emphasis beauty and perfection.

Zetsuai-1989-by Minami Ozaki

the story is talking about one super singer NANJO (南条晃司) fall in love with a football player.

Character’s feature

The main characters inside BL manga usually appeared to be well-looking, charming and tall. Even those characters carry some

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