Birth Order

Topics: Birth order, Homosexuality, Psychology Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Birth Order
A majority of the population around the world doesn’t usually familiarize themselves with specific birth orders within their families; it may appear to them as insignificant. These groups of families don’t realize that birth order unquestionably can impact any certain individual depending on which birth order they came about into this world. Information such as this would greatly assist many parents out there who happen to wonder why their child’s personality or attitude differs from their other children. Believe it or not birth order does matter; many studies have proven it to be quite accurate. Children’s personality traits and sexual orientation at times depend on their specific birth order.

It may sound absurd, but birth order can actually affect a child in many ways. One can’t typically choose their desired personality; usually the individual will be born with it instead. This popular subject has been studied by many professionals out there and most have concluded personality traits for first born, middle born, last born, and only children. Most experts out there will explain that first born children have compliant traits, they are usually people pleasers, crave approval, nurturers, caregivers, reliable, cooperative, driven, perfectionists, natural leaders, conventional, assertive, and want things their way. Middle born children are usually loners, quiet, shy, impatient, and uptight. Last born children tend to be risk takers, idealists, hard working, immature, secretive, and sensitive. Lastly, only children are portrayed as responsible, mature, self-centered, perfectionists, attention seekers, use adult language, have difficulty sharing, and get along with older people.

Personalities are only one of the many things that may become affected through birth order. In many cases sexual orientation can be influenced by the precise birth order in which an individual was born in. According to author Bogaert, Anthony F.: “An interaction between...

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