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Web definitions a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis.|
Biometric time and attendance system has brought more precise system to measure group or individual’s activities and attendance as well. Now the question arise that how does these biometric attendance systems work? Biometric attendance machine captures your unique biological/physical feature such as your hand or finger print, iris pattern and sometimes even your voice as a record for identity verification and allows you to perform something that you are authorized to do. Biometric time attendance machines also count employees’ work schedule, like which employee did what, and at what time did he do it, etc. Biometric attendance system is a foolproof technology to ensure the accuracy of attendance and is useful to the ones who deal with large number of employees.

Biometrics & Fingerprint Time and Attendance Systems
Biometrics access control systems use human physical traits to uniquely recognize or identify persons. The most common biometric access control system is a fingerprint reader. Using a person's fingerprint, the reader is able to determine who is trying to gain access to the system. Most biometrics systems also include time and attendance logging. When a person places his or her fingerprint on the device, the device stores that user's fingerprint on its internal database. This can be downloaded through a USB flash drive, over the network or via RS485 interface. Using biometric systems has advantages over using proximity card based system. One advantage is fingerprint readers prevent buddy punching incidents. In a card based system, a registered person may pass his or her card to an acquiantance and have that acquaintance access the restricted area or log his or her time. While a fingerprint reader is generally more expensive than a proximity card reader, the device pays for itself in savings from not having to buy cards for each employee. Time is money... spend less!  

Studies indicate that the average company overpays wages by 2-4% annually. Automated time & attendance systems are convenient to use and prevent organizations from overpaying. PeopleKey's biometric time & attendance system reduces your administrative burden, eliminates lost wages due to timesheet errors or 'buddy punching', and allows you to generate real-time reports on employee attendance and job costing. It even exports data to your existing payroll application! How it Works

PeopleKey fingerprint readers allow an employee to log in/out using his fingerprint (cards and PIN numbers are also supported), thereby ensuring the employee's identity and the precise date and time of the transaction. The in/out transaction is archived on the fingerprint reader and sent over a network to our Fingerlan software, which runs on a PC or server. The data from Fingerlan can then be exported in various spreadsheet formats, or sent to our Tidy Time application to be processed for payroll.  Fingerprint readers can report to Fingerlan from multiple geographic locations (even wirelessly), allowing you to manage employee attendance data from a central location.  The video below illustrates how our various products combine to form an attendance monitoring solution. Biometrics (or biometric authentication)[note 1] refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. Biometrics is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control.[1] It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.[citation needed] Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals.[2] Biometric identifiers are often categorized as physiological versus behavioral characteristics.[3] Physiological characteristics are related to the shape of the body. Examples include, but are not limited to fingerprint, face recognition,...
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