Biology: Blood and Individual Labeled Diagrams

Topics: Blood, Biology, Cell Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: April 26, 2014

Spring Semester 2014
Stephanie Mott:

Bio Lab Sections on
Monday: 11am
Thursday: 11 am and 3:30 pm


Thu Jan. 23Lab 1Review of Microscopic Techniques
Lab 2Cellular Systems I: Protistan Diversity
Observation and study of algae and protozoan cultures.

Jan. 27/30Lab 4Biological Diversity I: Invertebrates
Observation and classification of several small aquatic animals. Group lab report due next week.

Feb. 3/6Lab 3Cellular Systems: Basic Histology
Study of live amphibian tissues with an emphasis on comparison to human cells. Individual labeled diagrams due at the end of lab.

Feb. 10/13Lab 7Diversity of Photosynthetic Organisms
Observation of marine and fresh water algae
Identification of lichens
Study of leaf tissue cells
Quiz next week.

Feb. 17President’s Day
Feb. 20Lab 5The Cell Cycle: Mitosis – simple cell division Meiosis – formation of reproductive cells.
Individual labeled diagrams due at end of lab.

Feb. 24/27Lab 10Responsiveness and Behavior
Experimentation of human senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision. Lab reports due next week.
March 3/6Lab 9Biological Diversity II. Vertebrates
Fetal pig is dissected and studied because its anatomy and physiology is similar to that of the human’s. Individual oral quiz at end of lab.


March 17/20Lab 11Circulatory Physiology and Anatomy
Study anatomy of heart and blood circulation
Examination of human blood smears with an emphasis on study of leukocytes. Learning AB0-Rh blood typing techniques using synthetic blood. Quiz given next week.

March 24/27Lab 13Digestive Processes and Nutrition (Food Analysis) Chemical experiment to test the action of amylase, a digestive enzyme, on carbohydrates. Group report due at end of lab.

March 31/April 3Lab 8Ecosystems:...
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