Biological Psychology Worksheet

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Biological Psychology Worksheet

Answer the following questions in short-essay format. Be prepared to discuss your answers.

1. What is biological psychology?

Biological psychology is the scientific study of the biology of behavior. This study is also known as biopsychology, psychobiology, behavioral biology, and/or behavioral neuroscience.

2. What is the historical development of biological psychology?

The historical development of biopsychology is traced as far back as the ancient Greek era. It became the Roman church who dictated much of the human behavior according to their religious beliefs. After the Dark Ages subsided a new way of thinking was born and this period is called the Renaissance era. With this era came new ways of studying things, ways to see things by observing them and this was how modern science was founded.

3. Name one to three important theorists associated with biological psychology.

One theorists related to the study of biological psychology is Rene Descartes. Rene Descartes elaborated on a theory in which the pneumatics of bodily fluids could explain reflexes and other motor behavior. Rene Descartes also was the first to identify, clearly, that the mind has a consciousness and is self-aware, which leaves the brain to be a tool for intelligence.

4. Describe the relationship between biological psychology and other fields in psychology and neuroscience.

Whether it is the study of biopsychology and other fields of psychology or neuroscience, all psychologists and scientists are trying to understand the functions of the brain. The body and mind connection and how it reacts to certain behaviors or illnesses. Biological psychology is defined as the scientific study of the biological bases of behavior and mental states. Neuropsychology is a division of the science that attempts to understand the way structure and function of the brain relate to behavior and...
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