Binge Eating

Topics: Binge eating disorder, Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa Pages: 7 (2149 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Custom Binge Eating Disorder essay writing service. Samples, help Binge eating is a disorder that is characteristically associated with compulsive overeating. Peterson, Golden & Kramer (2009) cited that binge eaters consume large amounts of food out of powerlessness and inability to control their eating style. This disorder compels one to eat even when one is not actually hungry. Such people can therefore continue eating for a long time even after they are full. Binge eating makes one to actually eat until they are uncomfortably full.

The rationale behind the choice of this topic is in the fact that this disorder is one of the commonest eating disorders among the adolescents and young adults. Insel (2011) indicates that although various studies have been conducted on eating disorders, such studies have failed to really establish the actual cause, signs and symptoms, consequences and treatment interventions for this particular disorder. Therefore more studies need to be conducted on the disorder to enhance reliable understanding and knowledge on the disorder (Insel, 2011).

Empirical study of binge eating is an undertaking that is very significant to the society. Many parents are struggling with their adolescent children that fall victim to this disorder. Such persons are more vulnerable to risks arising from the health implications of binge eating disorder (Mitchell, 2008). Therefore, this study will help the society at large to understand the causes of the disorder, its signs and symptoms, consequences and treatment interventions that can be applied to help victims of this disorder. This will thus save a large percentage of adolescents and young adults from various chronic and fatal health complications that result from the disorder (Mitchell, 2008).

This study will help in the identification and differentiation between indicators of binge eating and other health-related issues associated with food and eating. In this respect, it is also imperative to mention that treatment and therapeutic interventions against binge eating disorder can be applied to intervene against other eating disorders. Such therapeutic interventions may include cognitive behavior therapy. This study will thus not only be relevant to the particular disorder but contribute to knowledge expansion in the entire area of eating disorders.

Problem Statement

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is considered the most common of all the eating disorders. Statistics in the United States indicate that it affects 3.5% of females and 2% of the male population. This disorder is prevalent in up to 30% among those who seek weight loss treatment (Furth, Schmidt & Treasure, 2005). Both male and female adolescents and young adults are therefore susceptible to this disorder. Further, the studies conducted on the consequences and health implications of binge eating are alarming (Furth et al, 2005). For example, the disorder leads to various health risks especially that are predominantly linked to clinical obesity. This may include high blood pressure especially in the pronounced stages of the disorder.

The high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure makes the health of the victim to further deteriorate into heart diseases. For example, due to high levels of triglyceride content in the blood system, victims of binge eating disorder may suffer from heart diseases (Furth et al, 2005). The cardiovascular complications and diseases that victims of binge eating are vulnerable to are among the most fatal diseases in the world. Therefore, it is better to prevent some of these heart conditions by identifying the signs and symptoms and treating binge eating disorder at the earliest stage possible.

Although studies have been conducted on the eating disorders and their possible consequences, not much research has been done on binge eating (Barlow & Durand, 2010). Therefore, the signs and symptoms as well as the consequences and treatment interventions against binge...
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