Bigger Stronger Faster

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Are they pure healthy muscle or muscle build and helped by steroids? A documentary like “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” illustrating life with steroids and also aside with Chris Bell living without steroids. Steroids have many positive lifts but as well negative sides. Being an athlete is very challengeable, for the reason that there is more than one person trying to be in the top. Leading to cheating, because no matter what goes on, many cheat to be in the top, which is very unfair. Myself as an athlete, I believe that steroids are honestly for people that can’t play fair and need help to win.

Chris Bell grew in a family, with two other brothers, who are also dedicated to weightlifting. But as time passed, Bell and his brother’s committed more time into weightlifting, having certain goals in life within weightlifting and being strong. Fortunately they all took steroids, except Chris Bell, following his true dream and faith. In the other hand, Bell’s brother’s, supported their act to steroids because according to their idol’s everyone has to take steroids in other to be on top inside a weightlifting life.

Life is already hard by just being the way it is, in addition competitors make even more challengeable. But according to weightlifters, steroids have always been included in sports. In the case of “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” all the people who are mainly in the top weightlifting tournaments or even wrestling, competitors are made to be “competitors” just for the reason that they take steroids throughout their experience within weightlifting. Life changes once a weightlifter decides to set steroids into their body, because they concentrate more in it and set part of their daily life aside. Including their family and other hobbies, such as Bell’s younger brother’s wife felt as if she was being set aside for a certain time when Bell’s brother was mainly concentrated entering into wrestling.

However, how do you think Bell and other...
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