Topics: Game, Video game culture, Play Pages: 2 (987 words) Published: April 22, 2014
With the development of modern technology, computers spread to almost every home , the Earth people are currently playing computer games. According to statistics , of which China has about five hundred million Internet users , many of us fell in love with a boy student and therefore one of the network computer games. On this point, I'll talk about pros and cons of playing computer games . First, let me say something about the benefits of playing computer games have those . Computer games can make us more brains , pioneering thinking. Some computer games is a wizard battle , you can use restraint grams each attribute . When some computer games to pass through the cards to find a way to reach the designated place of computer games . Playing computer games can also relax when you encounter things that are not fun , play with computer games, you do not like a dark cloud will disperse fun , makes you feel relaxed and happy. Playing computer games can also develop the ability to unite , computer double game let us know usually they help each other , unite , will taste the joy of victory. Playing computer games , there are some drawbacks. For example, for a long time playing computer games will harm our vision to make our vision drastically. If more time playing computer games, will be short-sighted , when it becomes " four " cumbersome appearance does not look good . People are born down must exercise to maintain good health , if you always play computer games , outdoor activities, physical activity will not get sick . Immersed in computer games or even neglect their studies . Everyone has their own modern period of work , addicted to computer games will be worthless . There are a lot of students all day class is specifically talking about the computer game , play it off ye that ye play off . When the class had in mind is a computer game , the teacher talked about was not convinced . Exams play the most vicious , in the end, almost made ​​him to repeat . Addictive...
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