Bernard Bragg: The Autobiography Of A Deaf Actor

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Bernard Bragg is a skilled director, artist, and writer. He is known for writing and directing plays such as That Makes Two of Us, which debuted at Gallaudet College in 1982, and
True Deaf. Bragg is also known for devising a work of art known as “Night Study (ASL
Writing)” in 1990. He is too known for publishing books such as Meeting Halfway in American
Sign Language: A Common Ground for Effective Communication Among Deaf and Hard of
Hearing People and Lessons in Laughter: The Autobiography of a Deaf Actor. Bragg ultimately gave way to modern-day Deaf art and theater.
Bernard Bragg was born on September 27, 1928 in Brooklyn, New York. Bragg was born completely deaf in both ears. His parents were both deaf as well, and his father, Wolf Bragg, was
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The actors from this NBC show
(along with others) came together and created the National Theatre of the Deaf. Bragg worked with this organization for ten years. In 1977, Bragg parted ways with the National Theatre of the
Deaf and found a position as an artist-in- residence at Gallaudet College. During his time here, he was offered a position as a technical consultant for an NBC production of "And Your Name is
Jonah" which gave way to even more opportunity for members of the Deaf community. Bragg continued writing, directing, and teaching up until 1997 when he retired. Bragg moved back to
California and often continues to write, lecture, and perform today.
Clearly, Bernard Bragg ultimately gave way to modern-day Deaf art and theater. He also made quite an impact on the Deaf community. Bragg is a remarkable man that made way for future members of the Deaf community to have more opportunity within Deaf art and theater. He

did many things throughout his life that live on today. Bernard Bragg is currently a resident of
California and periodically works with the arts. Although Bragg's work may be over with, the impact he left will last a

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