Bermuda Triangle…!!! an Unproven Fact….!!! and Exactly Similar One in Our Holy Epic Ramayana...

Topics: Ramayana, Rama, Ravana Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: September 8, 2011
Friends do have ever heard about such a fact which cannot be proved….?
Here, I present you a truth of such kind and exactly similar.
In the Holy Epic RAMAYANA, Brahmarshi Valmiki had tried to let us know many facts which are difficult to prove. We all know that When Goddess Sita was kidnapped, Lord Rama needed the help of Vanaras and in particular Lord Hanuma. And while searching Lord Hanuma and his co - vanaras reached the shore of Hindu Maha Samudra (Indian Ocean). Lord Hanuma now need to cross the ocean as he was said that Sita Matha was on the other side of the ocean, in Lanka. Lord Hanuma grew his size as a huge mountain and just flew away at a single jump.

He was flying across the ocean and suddenly he felt as if he was being pulled by some one. He looked around but didn’t understand. He was being pulled down. When he looked down into the ocean he could see a large gaint named Simhika (Rakshasi). Then he could remember that Vanara King Sugreeva has told him about the existance of gaints (rakshas) in the southern parts of the ocean. And these gaints have the power to catch the shadows of any object and attract those objects. That is, here the gaint lady Simhika has the power to catch the shadows of the objects that pass by that part of the ocean. Here in this story, Simhika is a gaint, so she used to swallow every thing that passes by. Due to this there was nothing survived (no chance of survival) in that place, every one feared to move in that place. It was considered as the death zone.

Coming back to the scene, Lord Hanuma recognised that she is going to swallow him. So he grew his size more and more. Seeing that, the lady gaint grew her mouth larger and larger. And suddenly Lord Hanuma become very tiny and rushed into her mouth, killed her and simply came out. This was the story of Rakshasi Simhika.

Coming to the point why I have choosen this topic. Friends, we Indians in this generation (may be the...
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