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beowulf summary ( dont pls students dont copy)

By Oblivion-Belarmino Carl Dec 04, 2013 1202 Words

Robert Zemeckis

Theme: real leaders are responsible, inspirational people. They take on tasks that others might not and inspire others to work with them.


King Hrothgar’s realm is threatened and tormented by a demon creature named Grendel by attacking and killing locals during a celebration held in the mead hall named Heorot in Denmark. Hrothgar offers rewards for the death of this creature. A great man named Beowulf travels and arrives in Denmark. Beowulf had a fierce battle with the creature in Heorot. Beowulf defeats Grendel and receives an old golden relic as a reward. That led Beowulf to the watery lair of Grendel's mother, where a devil's bargain awaits. The mother of the creature takes the form of a seductive woman and seduces Beowulf with a promise of becoming an invincible and wealthy king if he makes love to her and gives his golden relic to her. Years later, Beowulf felt the aftermath of his sin. Beowulf died slaying a golden dragon, the offspring of Beowulf bargain with the devil.

1.) Ray Winstone Beowulf Mighty strength, wise, manly thane/general 2.) Angelina Jolie Grendels’mother Seductive, powerful, mysterious creature

Protagonist (Beowulf): I am the Ripper! Tearer! Slasher! Gouger! I am the Teeth in the darkness, the talons in the night. Mine is Strength! And Lust! And Power! I AM BEOWULF!

Antagonist (Grendel’s mother): Are you the one they call Beowulf? The Bee-Wolf. The bear. Such a strong man you are with the strength of a king. Bear me a child. The king you will one day become.

Set in the time coming against of Christianity. Beowulf, a brave legendary Geat warrior who travels to Denmark who searched for glory alongside his band of soldiers, with his best friend, Wiglaf in answer to the call of King Hrothgar who needs a hero to slay a monster called Grendel, a wicked disfigured troll-like creature with superhuman strength, who attacks Hrothgar's mead hall, named Heorot, when the Danes hold a celebration there Grendel attacks for he envies and angers on the loud noise. Upon arriving, Beowulf and his men celebrate in Heorot, luring Grendel. So Grendel does attack, Beowulf grasped him unarmed, determining that since Grendel seems to be immune to mortal weapons. Beowulf discovers in the battle that Grendel has hypersensitive hearing, which is why he interrupts Hrothgar's celebrations – the noise they make is physically painful to him. Beowulf tears off Grendel's arm, and as thanks for freeing his kingdom from the monster that plagued them for years, Hrothgar gives Beowulf his golden drinking relic horn. Inside his cave, the dying Grendel tells his Mother what was done to him, and by whom, and she swears revenge, slaughtering Beowulf's men while they were sleeping after the celebration. Hrothgar tells both Beowulf and Wiglaf who had been sleeping outside the hall at the time that it was the work of Grendel's mother, the last of the Water Demons. Beowulf and Wiglaf travels up to the cave of Grendel's mother to slay her. Only Beowulf enters the cave and encounters Grendel's mother who takes the form of a beautiful woman. She offers to make him the greatest king who ever lived if he will agree to give her a son to replace Grendel and let her keep the golden drinking horn. Beowulf gives in to her and returns to Hrothgar, claiming to have killed her. Hrothgar, however, realizes the truth. Hrothgar tells only to Beowulf indirectly, he was also seduced by Grendel's mother and was Grendel's father. After naming Beowulf his successor as king, much to the dismay of Unferth, his royal advisor, who was hoping to take the throne, Hrothgar commits suicide.

Years later, an elderly Beowulf is married to Wealtheow, who refuses to give him a heir since he had previously slept with the water demon. As a result, Beowulf takes a mistress named Ursula. One day, (Unferth's slave) Cain finds the golden drinking horn in a swamp near Grendel's cave and, not realizing why it is there, brings it back to the kingdom. That night, a nearby village is destroyed by a dragon, which leaves Unferth alive in order to deliver a message to King Beowulf. Removing the horn has reneged on the agreement between Beowulf and Grendel's mother, who has sent the dragon, to destroy his kingdom. Beowulf and Wiglaf go to the Cave once again and Beowulf goes into the cave alone. When Grendel's mother does appear, Beowulf throws the Golden Horn towards her in return for her not attacking the lands. Grendel's mother considers it too late for any kind of agreement and so she releases the dragon from the cave to attack Beowulf's Kingdom where it tries to attack Wealthow and Ursula. Beowulf goes to stop the dragon, going as far as severing his own arm, and ultimately kills the dragon by ripping its heart out. The dragon's fall mortally wounds Beowulf, but he lives long enough to watch the carcass of the dragon transform into its true form, the humanoid body of his son, before it is washed out to sea. Beowulf then shares words with Wiglaf and tries to tell him the truth, but dies before he can finish. Wiglaf refuses to listen to Beowulf's confession, that Wiglaf is all too aware of the truth. Shortly thereafter, Wiglaf, the new king, gives Beowulf a Norse funeral and watches on the shore as Beowulf’s body is taken by the sea, only to then witness Grendel's mother give a final kiss to Beowulf. At this moment Grendel's mother attempts to seduce him. Wiglaf steps out into the water, clearly tempted, but showing reluctance. Conflict:

Beowulf’s battle with Grendel was a struggle for the armor and weapons Beowulf with his band of warriors wore and used in the battle with the cruel demon were useless. Beowulf throws his armor and weapons aside and fights the demon Grendel alone unarmed and naked in a wrestling match to the death. Climax:

Both Geatland and Hrothgar’s, Beowulf must defend both of his kingdom against a flying marauding dragon. Trying to kill the dragon and defending both of his wives, Wealtheow and Ursula for both of them were being targeted. Beowulf cut the chest of the dragon to stop the dragon breathing fire, preventing now from eating both of his wives; he saw the heart of the flying beast heart, cutting his own shoulder muscle to reach it Beowulf took and ripped the heart of the dragon. Denouement:

Wiglaf also knew about the curse and Beowulf’s secret but still he was also seduced by the water demon after Beowulf’s funeral. At the end of the story his face showed regret from giving in to the seduction of the beautify demon. Assessment:

It was a great animated fantasy film about a brave warrior fighting evil demons, monsters and creatures also an amazing piece of story which has a twist of plot that made it one of the best and famous legend or epic of Beowulf. Nicely done setting in ancient time A.D. (anno domini) where kingdoms was converting to Christianity and props that made it realistic. It deserved a high gross and rating.

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