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Merry Anjela M. MendozaSeptember 16, 2011
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Beowulf is an epic from England. It is a story of a brave man who killed many monsters and died defending from a dragon. It is also a great story of adventure. From an old English poem, it became a 3D movie with the faces of real actors and actresses. Although there has a difference from the original poem, it still showed great and it attracted wide audiences.

Throughout the movie review, I gave my own opinions about the movie especially in the effects, how the characters played their role, and how they captured the eye of the audiences.

Movie Review
The Movie
Beowulf is a three dimensional movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. It was inspired by an Ancient English poem and known as the epic of England. Unlike the other 3D movies, the characters here are based from the faces of real artists. The settings played on Denmark, A.D. 507. The movie was released on November 16, 2007. My Opinion

For me, the use of real faces of the artists is nice and the outfits matched the role of the characters especially for the role of Grendel who has a performance capture suit which represents a sad creature. His face and body was altered to fit his role. I also like the look of Grendel’s mother which was Angelina Jolie with her golden fitted outfit but I don’t understand why does she is wearing a high heels which was not yet popular during that times. The Expected Audiences

Beowulf was rated as PG-13 which means that all people are allowed to watch the movie but children below thirteen years old must be given a parental guidance due to some violences including disturbing scenes and sexual interruptions. The Outline

Scene 1- Celebration at the mead hall
Scene 2- Grendel attacked the hall
Scene 3- Beowulf arrived in Denmark
Scene 4- Beowulf fights Grendel
Scene 5- Grendel died and his mother revenged by killing people.
Scene 6- Grendel’s mother seduced Beowulf
Scene 7- Celebration at the hall
Scene 8- Hrothgar killed himself
Scene 9- Beowulf become the king and married Wealtheow
Scene 10- The Dragon attacked the hall
Scene 11- Beowulf entered the lair of the Dragon
Scene 12- Battle between Beowulf and the Dragon
Scene 13- The Dragon died together with Beowulf
Scene 14- Funeral pyre for Beowulf
Ray Winstone- Beowulf
Crispin Glover- Grendel
Angelina Jolie- Grendel’s mother
Anthony Hopkins- King Hrothgar
John Malkovich- Unferth
Brendan Gleeson- Wiglaf
Robin Wright Penn-  Queen Wealtheow
Alison Lohman- Ursula
Costas Mandylor –Hondshew
The Structure
Beowulf 3D movie is based from an Old English poem which was considered as epic of England. Based on my research, it was written between the 8th and 11th centuries A.D., and it is the oldest surviving piece of English literature. The general events of the poem were adapted into an animated action-adventure movie in 2007. But there are many changes in this movie from the real epic which is not good for me because they must show the real essence of this epic tale. For the scene transitions, for me nothing is wrong and everything was just made right. The Cinematography

At the first time I saw the movie, I thought that the characters here are real but it was truly an animated movie. The light and special effects are great especially when Grendel attacked the hall which brought a lot of intense. I also like how they covered Beowulf’s manhood in many scenes in this movie. Also, for me, the battle between Beowulf and the Dragon was a great scene especially when they fight in the mid air and the Dragon was shot by hundreds of arrows. The look of the past can be seen with the images but it lacks the essence of the vision, the ancient stones, and the sacral light which are essential part for a tragic tale. But besides that, it still looks great and every scene was...
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