Benjamin Franklin

Topics: Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack, Franklin Templeton Investments Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Charles Smith
U.S History 1
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is himself writing about his accomplishments. He grew up in an average home with a family that consisted of twelve children. His family was not poor, but his father worked hard to keep them afloat. Franklin was one of the children that were put into getting an education and over the years he acquired degrees from colleges he did not attend. He first worked for a newspaper printer, and after a short period he became the owner of one and was printing money and short articles. This man was not a drinker, unlike his friend who drank all the time and Franklin was very religious but did not attend church. Franklins brother became ill, although Franklin had children he took his brothers son and made him his own because his brother was dying and that was what he asked Franklin to do. Franklin was a heavy reader, and he formed a group of men who would gather and read. They often swapped books and which eventually led to the idea of a library. Franklin assumed a political position and claimed he would never ask for votes or election. He said that if someone asked him to partake in something he would not say no but he would not ask to join something. He wrote papers for the government, and traveled back and forth to meet with the king. Franklin found a way to make electricity and sent his documents and findings around for further study. This man was well known from many people as he travelled around through the army to supply goods and get paid for it. He became wealthy over his time.

In comparing the America Promise to the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin the first observation I had noticed that were both common was that they both mentioned he published the Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richards Almanac but in his book it says he published under someone else’s name(Franklin 75). These were well known issues and he sold a lot of them over a thousand, and they were also very well known (AP...
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