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Ethics directs our attention to what it is to do good and to be called good. It studies activity, whether personal or institutional, in particular its significance for character and human flourishing.

Doing Business with Benedict: The Rule of Saint Benedict and Business Management - A Conversation [Illustrated] [Paperback] Marret Crosby Dollard (Author)
Synopisis - In the world of business where it has become fashionable to apply rules from other walks of life to the boardroom, the application of spiritual rules within business has become extremely popular. It also provides business with an alternative to whiteboard briefings and management spiel. The Rule of St Benedict is both spiritually enhancing and widely applicable. Managing permanent rapid change is the ultimate task for business from now on. The Rule's stress on realism, vision and perseverance in the context of strong communities provides business large and small with a way forward to survival and success. The book also serves as a guide for people who run religious communities and indeed communities of any kind.

For example, faced with the issue of whether monks should drink alcohol, Benedict admitted that it would be better if they did not. But he mused that nowadays (meaning the 5th century), it has become commonplace for beer and wine to be drunk at meals. And this is good. So, he sanctioned drinking moderately. It is true that Benedict penalized for lack of obedience, but the rationalization was to maintain order and, ultimately, to foster harmony within the community.

Harmony cannot coexist with negativity. No organization can achieve its maximum efficiency if grumbling is wide-spread. Benedict did not suppress problems or personal freedom, but required that they be channeled properly through the organization via the daily "employee" chapter meeting, through mentors or the fatherly advice of the abbott (from the root abba meaning "father"). Benedict focuses in on what most managers...
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