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3. Icecream

2. Mission

4. Green

1. The Holistic
Marketing Concept
and B&J’s


“An approach to
marketing that attempts
to recognize and
reconcile the scope and
complexities of
marketing activities”
(Keller and Kotler, 2006)

2. Focus on
‘Socially Responsible
Marketing’ in relation
with B&J’s
(Keller and Kotler, 2006)

Socially Responsible Marketing vs B&J’s
1. Cause-related Marketing “A viable marketing tool for improving corporate performance while helping worthy causes” (Mohr and Webb, 1998) “84% of Americans agree they have a more positive image of products or companies that do anything meaningful "to make the world a better place.“ (Marketing to Women, 2012)

B&J Foundation: 7.5% pre-tax profit donated to non-profit charities (Entrepreneur, 2012), Community Involvement
Promoting Causes and Political Messages: Cameron Chew Chew, Cheesecake Clegg & Gordon Fudge Brown(ie) (Beckett, 2010)

Creating Jobs worldwide: Rainforest Crunch (Entrepreneur, 2012) 2. Commitment to the Environment
Green Business Practice: Technology, animal treatment, fair-trade, carbon footprint

“A management
method that examines
the effect that events
or influences from
outside may have on
the performance of a
company or
(Cambridge University
Press, 2011)

(IgniteStrategicSolutions, 2011)

2. Focus on
SOCIAL Environment
In relation with
Ben & Jerry’s

The Social Environment
Trends in Consumer Attitudes and Opinions
Growth in ethical consumption
“Despite the economic downturn, sales of ethical goods and services have remained resilient, going up almost 9% last year from £43bn to £46.8bn (The Cooperative, 2011)”

How do Ben & Jerry’s Respond to these Trends?
Technology Image
Attempts to create technology which reflects their brand and is more environmentally friendly, e.g The Ben and Jerry’s Cleaner Greener Freezer (Ben and Jerry’s, 2012)

Brand Image
Setting high ethical goals and maintaining company philosophy … e.g 100% products fair-trade by the end of 2013 (Fairtrade Foundation, 2010)



“ The study of how
individuals, groups and
organisations select,
buy, use and dispose of
goods, services, ideas or
experiences to satisfy
their needs and wants”
(Keller and Kotler, 2006)


“Automatic response to a situation built up through repeated exposure” (Kanuk and Schiffman, 2000)

theory in

Symbolism of packaging
Consumers have been conditioned
through repeatedly seeing the
images on the Ben and Jerry’s
Not a lot of advertising  semiotics
have been used to avoid the
“critical perceptual defenses that
people erect against the overtures
of adverts (Wright, 2006)”

Font of messages on the packaging
& play on words with flavour names
Strapline: Love, Peace & Ice-Cream

 Each of these factors contribute to
representing all of Ben & Jerry’s core
values and characteristics

Marketing research
Their way of research – fun & interaction with customers
Their aim of research – to be a niche product
The method of research - Hybrid research
Hybrid research is combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques (2020research, 2010).

Qualitative research aims to establish
customers’ attitudes, values, behaviour
and beliefs (Jobber, 2010).
Focus groups and
depths interviews

Quantitative research seeks to discover
how many people think, act or feel a
particular way (DJS Research , 2009).

“WHY“ and “HOW“

Internet surveys

Marketing Research


Ben and Jerry’s (2011)

Market Segmentation
• “Aggregating prospective buyers into groups, … that
have common needs and will respond similarly to a
marketing action” (Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius, 2008)
How do you target people?
Psychographic -...

Bibliography: Mohr, L A. and Webb, D J. (1998) “A typology of consumer responses to cause-related marketing:
From skeptics to socially concerned” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, vol

Unilever (2012) Ben and Jerry’s [Online] Available at:
Schiffman, L. and Kanuk, L. (7th ed.) (2000) Consumer Behavior. Upper Saddle, New Jersey: PrenticeHall, Inc.
2020 Reseach (2011), More mileage from Hybrids: The continuing evolution of hybrid designs Accessed 25 February 2012
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