Ben&Jerry's Swot Analysis

Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: October 1, 2010
SWOT analysis
Business: Ben & Jerry’s
Development: Antonio Maíllo Seisdedos.

1. Inside the business

a) Ben & Jerry’s have a big number of advantages that put B&J in a very good position: strengths and advantages.

As we know, Ben & Jerry’s (from now on B&J) belongs to a very big joint of business called Unilever. This fact is very important due to the good image that Unilever has created of itself. But the image is not the only advantage of belonging to this group: there is a big amount of product that can be used to do promotions like reduction of prices if you buy both products for instance. Other of the things that makes B&J a very promising business is its “personality”: B&J is innovative, kind and green, and all these adjetives drive a business into success. Innovation gives competitive advantage, the “most wanted” in the business world and B&J looks for the innovation, for instance, including environmental responsible policy when nobody did that or now with the launch of its ice cream with Max Havelaar label. Kindness give you good image and B&J have gotten it because of her production team: first of all, B&J wants to keep its workers happy with good contracts and advantages. Secondly it also wants to keep its costumers happy with good raw materials. This social issue is one of the basic pillars of the personality of B&J Green also give a very good image to the business and B&J is very worried about our planet trying to preserve the nature. This three pillars help B&J to became a strong business, with a very good image and creating a difference among others business. But it’s not only the adjectives that describe the personality: they are very focus in what they believe, B&J knows perfectly what they want and how they want to behave. Another advantage from others business is how well-known is the brand, something very important in the compulsive purchase. The last importance strengths...
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