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Belonging is the relationship between an individual and his or her society, being in harmony with society and your peers and being accepted no matter what your traits and attributes are this is the idealistic concept of belonging. Subconsciously everyone finds comfort in belonging to something and brings some kind of happiness to an individual. In the film Strictly Ballroom produced and directed by Baz Lurhman, the movie focuses upon a ballroom dancer Scott who has the ability and skills to be the best but opposes the cliché rules of the ballroom world to dance his own unauthorised steps so he can break free from typical steps danced by everyone. The film also greatly demonstrates the struggle in expressing ones individuality in a society that wants you to conform to the rules and regulations enforced by different cultures and governing bodies. Three main characters who find difficulty in belonging are Scott, Fran and Scott’s father Doug. Scott does not want to conform, Fran is the ugly duckling who eventually finds somewhere to belong and Doug is the same as Scott but no longer dances in front of anybody and is considered an outcast by many.

Some people choose not to belong; this is very well demonstrated in the character Scott who is one of the main and most important characters and also the best dancer of his generation and dance group. Scott has the potential to win the Pan Pacific Grand prix one of the most prestigious dance competitions, but instead he chooses to dance his own steps because he is fed up of the same cliché dance moves and wants to expand himself in the world of ballroom dancing. Scott is one of the better looking guys in this film with his slicked back hair, good style, great dancer and comes across as an outgoing person. At the start of the film he is kind of self-absorbed and a selfish guy who does not want to listen to anybody and kind of gives of the impression that people should look up to him, but a certain scene where he meets...
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