Belonging Speech

Topics: Human, Perception, Understanding Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: August 17, 2010
Belonging Speech

Context and the sense of belonging that comes from it contributes to a sense of identity, our relationships and processes of acceptance and understanding 1. Subject: Who or what is the subject of the image?

2. Location: What is the location of the image?
3. Date/period: When was the photo taken? What period does the image belong to? 4. Description: Is it a photograph, poster, coloured, black and white? 5. Composition: What is happening in the image? What are the people wearing? What are they doing? 6. Message: What message do you get from this image?

* How important is it to have a sense of belonging?
* What does belonging to a group mean for you personally? * Can it only ever be – “You’re with us or you’re against us”? * Do belonging and exclusion exist symbiotically?
* What is the reward or cost of belonging?
1. This principal aspect of belonging being an essential need to human life is seen in 2. Belonging is a complex idea as it very rarely is defined as solely belonging or not belonging, but rather somewhere in between these extremes. This concept is one that is essential to humans as it gives them a sense of identity and security to their lives. Several aspects of belonging can also be explored through examining 3. Belonging is a universal necessity to feel needed and wanted within a certain collective of people. The term belonging itself means to have one’s identity accepted despite the similarities or more importantly differences. However, it is these same similarities or differences that define another’s perspective upon whether or not we belong to their social “norms”, which leads us to the concept of alienation and how it affects our sense of belonging in 4. We may all know belonging as being that which belongs to someone or as something that is connected with a principle or greater thing, but do we really understand what it means to belong as a human...
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