Beetlejuice Screenwrite

Topics: English-language films, Spider, The House is Burning Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: August 25, 2013

The beginning of the film starts out with a camera overlooking the whole town of which this movie is going to take place. As the credits end, the camera ends up focused on a large house on a hill. You can clearly tell that the house is made up of some sort of material, but it was used as a way to introduce one of the main characters. A spider crawls up on top of the model house and in comes Adam. The first thing he does is carelessly pick up this massive spider as if it where one of his pets and carries it to a window where he releases it. Right off the bat you could tell that this man is kind to nature and very gentle with the way he handled the spider. In comes his wife, Barbara, who is filled with joy and love. Their mutual understanding of each other makes them love each other more and more. They both hear something come from outside and realize that it is a house bidder trying to sell their home to people that are more “deserving” of it. This house bidder assumes that because just two people are living in a large home by themselves that it is irrational for them to agree to sell it. The one thing that both Adam and Barbara share is their eagerness to keep their home. The couple denies the house bidder and then drives into town to pick up some supplies. Looking at the surrounding environment makes it obvious that Adam and Barbara’s home is the focal point of the town. Adam leaves his car to go in the store to get the supplies, when he realizes that the clerk isn’t at the front desk he takes money out of his pocket and puts it into the cash register himself. This again, exemplifies the honesty of this man. On the drive back home, they see a dog in the road and Barbara quickly swerves off the road crashing into a wooden bridge that is completely unstable. Their car ends up falling into a river and the scene cuts. They end up back at their house but do not realize how they got there. After very bizarre things occur to them, they start to question...
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