Topics: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Tyrell Heyward
In this paper I will be talking about the late and great Ludwig Van Beethoven. I will discuss his early life as a music composer and his upcoming. The steps, mentors, and teachings he learned in order to become who he is known to be till this day. Also I will discuss my emotional response to Beethovens fifth symphony and what musical techniques were used in this piece.

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born and baptized December 17, 1770 in Bonn Germany. He was the grandson to Lodewijk Van Beethoven who was a bass singer at the Elector of Cologne. Beethoven’s first teacher was his own father Johann van Beethoven who made Beethoven play his first performance at age 6. His father noticed that Beethoven had a gift when he was young and taught him the piano and violin. Beethoven was a hard worker which made him self-involved and impatient, being that way made him a loner.

Beethoven’s father wasn’t the only one who saw Beethoven’s talent. Christian Gottlob Neefe who was a German organist become Beethoven’s mentor. Gottlob Neefe thought Beethoven was the next Mozart so he sent Beethoven to Vienna to meet him. After being in Vienna for two weeks Beethoven learned his mother was sick so he had to go back home. When he returned home his mother passed away which made his father become an alcoholic.

By the time he came back to Vienna Mozart had died so Beethoven sought help from Joseph Haydn. He became Beethoven’s second mentor and taught him new styles of music. While he was in Vienna in 1792 he learned that his father died. Beethoven at first did not see himself as a composer but rather devoted himself to music study and performance working under Haydn’s direction. He then wanted to master counter point after that he studied violin under Ignaz Schuppanzigh. Antonio Salieri gave Beethoven instructions on Italian vocal composition style.

By 1793 Beethoven created a reputation for himself as a improviser in the salons and nobility. He...
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