Becton Dickinson

Topics: Becton Dickinson, Maxwell Becton, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: July 24, 2004
There are three major issues that Bill Kozy, president of Becton Dickinson faces as he modifies the company to perform under transnational norms. The structure of the Worldwide Blood Collection business and the allocation of its resources and assets was mainly the first issue for Bill Kozy. This issue dealt with complex discussions among top managers of BD to decide where R&D resources and capabilities should be developed. Because BD's founding was in the US, it had problems in letting the research and development move to other countries. The second issue that Bill Kozy faced was "the need to align Human Resources with the new worldwide strategies, the changing structures such as the Worldwide Blood Collection Teams, and the evolving process for key decision such as development of worldwide products." Bill Kozy at one time had a number of managers who all wanted to take matters into their hands making it hard to reach consensus in important tasks to accomplish. The third issue that Bill Kozy faced was identifying "whether the WBCT (Worldwide Blood Collection Teams) was the right mechanism for managing BDVS's (Becton Dickinson VACUTAINER Systems) worldwide business in accordance with transnational concepts."

The company's situation in 1993 is that of constant change and growth. It has achieved significant benefits by reaching agreements between U.S. and Non U.S. managers. They have accomplished advanced synergism in communications between Becton Dickinson (BD) global teams which have provided successful outcomes. The launching of their two products: "Hemogard," proposed by European managers and "Plus tube" proposed by Japanese managers were difficult tasks that brought them benefits of knowledge and experience in global commerce. These developments also provided BD with more efficient products for their global industry. "Hemogard" was a safety cap that prevented blood from spilling. European concern of transmitted diseases was big so this product was supposed...
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