Beauty Revolution

Topics: Plastic surgery, Breast, Surgery Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The images of good shaped models in magazines and media impact on view of beauty that leads people to plastic surgeries. Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that is a reconstructive plastic surgery which is concerned with improving function (Nordqvist). Plastic surgery has become popular in modern society due to human anxiety about appearance and the demand of beauty and perfection. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Brazil is the second country has high rate of plastic surgery in the world with 14.2% surgical procedures, after the United States tops the list accounted for 17.2% procedures and the numbers will be increasing in upcoming years (ISAPS). This statistical data is surprising because “seventy percent of the Brazilian population is poor, and roughly 30 percent of Brazilians live in abject poverty” (145). Therefore, statistical numbers reflect the fact that Brazilians have been affected by plastic surgery in large and its influence.

Plastic surgery seems become an obsession with Brazilians when plastic surgery has become a non-missing part in society in Brazil. Juliana Borges, Miss Universe Pageant 2001, declares that ‘it’s something I needed for my profession, for my work’ (qtd in Leaky 147). Another example to illustrate the obsession of plastic surgery is Claudia, an eighteen-year-old middle-class girl, have a breast reduction surgery after a few months persuading her parents to pay for with many reasons for wanting this surgery (147). By the way, “in 2001 there were 350,000 cosmetic surgery operations in a population of 170 million” (147), Don Kulick and Thais Machado-Borges said. This evidence proves that plastic surgery has become an obsession with Brazilian throughout all ages and classes in society.

Due to the high demand of plastic surgery, it is considered as health benefit in Brazil while it is luxury in the United States. According to Daily News, thousands of the country's poor have undergone...

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