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Topics: Management, Business, Economics Pages: 13 (3853 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Course : 1: Principles of Management
1. Introduction: - Concept of Management, Scope, Functions and Principles of Management, Evolution of Management thought.
2. Planning: - The Process of Planning, Objectives, Policy and Procedures, Forecasting and Decision Making.
3. Organizing: - Meaning, Importance and Principles, Span of Management, Centralization and Decentralization, Patterns of Organization, Line and Staff Relationships. 4. Staffing: - Nature & Scope of Staffing, Manpower Planning, Selection & Training, Performance Appraisal.

5. Controlling: - Concept or Managerial Control, Control aids, Score Responsibilities of Managers.
Books Recommended: -
1. Management & Organizations Behaviour— by Paul Hersey & Ken Blanchard 2. Essentials of Management— by Koontz & O’Donald
3. Principal and Practice of Management— by L.M. Prasad
4. Human Behavior at Work— by Kaith Devis
5. Organizational Behavior— by Robbins

Course : 2: Business Organization
1. Introduction: - Nature & Scope of Business System, Objectives of Business and Social Responsibilities of Business
2. Organizing a Business: - Forms of Ownership Organization – Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Private & Public Ltd. Companies, Choice of suitable form of Business Organization. 3. Public Sector: - Central Government, Public Corporation, Local Government, Organization neither Public nor Private Sector, Clubs & Society, Cooperative Societies, Worker’s Cooperatives, Building Societies.

4. Elements of Insurance: - Meaning and Causes of Business Risks, Insurance of Business Risks. 5. Marketing Functions: - The Marketing Concept, Product Planning, Choice of Channels of Distribution, Advertising and Salesmanship.

6. Financial Functions: - Objectives and Scope, Estimation of Financial Requirements Long Term, Medium Term, Short Term, Sources of Finance.
Books Recommended: -
1. Business Organisation & Management— by R.K. Sharma
2. Business Organisation & Management— by C.B. Gupta
3. Principles of Business Organisation— by Y.K. Bhushan

Course : 3: Business Mathematics
Unit : I : Progressions:
i) A.P., G.P., R.P.
ii) Permutation & Combination
iii) Binomial Theorem
Unit : IV
i) Determinants & Matrices
ii) Rank of Matrix
iii) Inverse of Matrix
Unit : II
i) Functions (Algebraic Logarithm &
Exponential & their Graphs)
ii) Limit & Continuity of Functions.
iii) Differentiation
(a) Law of Derivatives
(b) Chain Rule
(c) Repeated Derivatives
(d) Derivate of Implicate Function
Unit : V
i) System of Linear Equations and their
solutions using Cramer’s Rule
ii) By the Method of Matrix Inverse
iii) Linear Programming definition &
(a) Geometric Analogies
(b) Solution of L.P.P. using simple
Unit : III : Partial Differential
i) Theorem of Maxima for single variable
ii) Integration Methods: -
(a) Integration of Algebra Logarithmic
& Exponential Functions.
(b) Integration of functions using
partial fractions
(c) Integration of functions by parts
(Note: In all ten questions will be asked, taking two questions from each unit. The student shall answer five questions in all selecting one question from each unit.)

Course : 4 : Business Economics
1. Nature of Economics: - Meaning of Economics, Economic Problems, Economic Systems., Circular flow of Money. 2. National Income: - Measurement of National Income aggregate & their inter-relationships, National Income & Economic Welfare. 3. Production: - Factors of Production, Law of Diminishing marginal Productivity. The least cost combination of factors. 4. Structure of Industry: - Firm & Industry, Economies of Scale. Optimum size of the firm., Returns of scale. 5. Demand: - Meaning, Determinants of demand, demand curve, Exceptions to general law of demand, Derived demand, Increase & decrease in demand, Extension & Contractions of demands. 6. Elasticity of Demand: - Meaning, Measurement, factors determining Elasticity of demand. 7. Supply: - Real Costs, Law of Increasing Costs,...
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