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Daniel S. Jackson
Professor Anderson
English 1010-010

The Batman (also referred to as the Dark Knight) is a character that fights crime while doubling as a billionaire (Bruce Wayne), that signifies nearly two generations of heroism through the youth and even adult based viewer market. The society of which people live in today gives a vast understanding of the elements that makes up the Batman and his persona. He gives the world a sense of many aspects of the human individuality. The oddity that is the Batman is something that the viewers in today’s world see as a sense of hope, fear and justice. All around the Dark Knight is found to be an extreme influence on pop culture in this age of human entertainment; this statement is further supported by “Batman is a figure blurred by the endless reinvention that is modern mass culture. He is at once an icon and a commodity: the perfect cultural artifact for the 21st century." The Dark Knight has become, in the past fifty plus years, an extremely impactful aspect of the existence that this society holds dear.

The affect that myriad superheroes have on their audience is most definitely a sense of faith within their favorite hero. The Batman affects society just the same through all times of chaos. Take, for example, the latest movie creation from the DC(Detective Comics) universe known as “The Dark Knight Rises” exhibits a dark, tumultuous setting of which all hope seems depleted as a whole. The habitual prerequisite to a movie would be a pronounced obstacle to overcome to achieve a generic happy ending. This movie in particular shows Batman cast out by the very society he protects and ultimately thrown into a prison thought to be impossible to escape from. The sense of hope rises within the viewer through the intense preparation batman forth takes to defeat his enemy and take back Gotham city. It gives the viewer hope through the incredulous actions that lead to the defeat of the villain in the plot.

Fear is...
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