Basketball Rules Essay

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Although basketball can be an exciting and fun game to play or watch it has evolved rules and records set by outstanding players who have made it evolve into an international phenomenon. The game can be a fast paced sport with a lot of suspense and excitement. Some basic essentials a player will need in order to play the game: a pole placed in the ground, the rim should be placed ten feet from the ground, backboard with a hoop, net for the hoop, court, and basketball. Now we have our essentials to play the game, lets review what lines on a basketball court are for. The out of bounds line is the line that goes around the outside of the court. If you have the ball in your position and touch the out of bounds line or goes past the player its …show more content…
If a player advances up the court without dribbling the ball this is called a walk and the other team will get the ball. When dribbling the ball the player can only put one hand at a time on the ball, if a player places both hands on the ball at the same time this is called a double dribble. After advancing up the court the players will pick up their dribble. Once the player picks his or her dribble up they cannot dribble again. The player must establish a pivot foot. After a pivot foot is establish the player can move around to see his/her teammates to pass the ball. A player can shoot a ball with out dribbling the ball when shooting lay ups or using their established pivot foot to move around and shoot a jump shot.

Basketball games will have different times for each quarter depending on what grade level you’re competing on. Junior High players will play four eight-minute quarters with a twenty-minute half time. High school players will play four ten-minute quarters with a twenty-minute half time. College players will play two twenty-minute half and have a forty-five minute half time. Basketball is difficult and somewhat a challenging game. It can be a high scoring game where teams break a 100 points or more in a single game, the pace of the game is fast with lots of players going back in fourth on the court, each player must understand the rules of the game and beware of the markings on the court are for

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