Topics: Basketball, Dribbling, Game Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Jess’ca Johnson
ENG 1013
Mrs. Emerson
Basketball has served an important role in society. For many years basketball has been an enjoyable sport for one to play and watch. From an early age, children who participate in this team sport learn the values of teamwork, discipline, leadership, and effective communication. Basketball helps bring people from all over the world together, despite any differences. Basketball is still being remembered and watched today through its history, games, and players. Basketball was originated in 1891, when a Presbyterian minister taught a physical education class. The class was known to be a rowdy group of young men who needed something to occupy them. During this school year, the professor was asked to invent a game with rules and how the game was to be played. It was the winter time so he needed to make sure the game was indoors. As the teacher tried to find a game he kept thinking back on his childhood and the games they use to play. He finally got an idea to nail boxes and the objective was to throw a ball into the box to score a point. The rules for this game still apply today in some form. As a result of the professor creating basketball it became a game worldwide. The game of basketball is considered to be one of the most widely played and watched sports in the world. Basketball can be a team sport, but one can also play basketball with a few players. An original game of basketball consists of five players on each team. The game is located in a gymnasium usually on a wood court. Each team works to try to shoot a large ball in a raised up basketlike goal, which they are located at each end of the basketball court. During the game the teams try to prevent their opponent from scoring. During the time when the opponent has the ball the other team is playing defense. In basketball the possession of the ball changes rapidly, all players must be on alert so they can quickly switch between offense and...
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