Basic Winshuttle Script Creation

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There 8 Steps to create a basic Winshuttle script for use:

Step 1: PLAN
* You must have access to the T-code in a test environment for which you wish to create a script. Updates will actually occur to SAP during script creation and testing, therefore should always be performed in a test environment. * Plan your recording. Scripts can be created to update a small number of fields (for a scrub of master data, for instance), or all fields relative to the transaction being processed (for the creation of a complete record). If you are unfamiliar with the T-code, it is recommended that you execute a few tests directly in the test environment prior to recording your script.

Step 2: RECORD
* Start with a new recording

* Enter the T-code you want to script

* Select the appropriate test environment:

* Select the appropriate mode:
* Batch mode is recommended for most scripts, and is more efficient for data processing. You should attempt to record in Batch mode first; * Non-Batch is recommended when you are using ALV grids, reading from SAP, using Extended Logs, or long text recording; * GUI Scripting enables you to run scripts that emulate the SAP user interaction. This mode is only recommended if you are unable to successfully create a script using Batch or Non-Batch modes.

* Complete an SAP transaction while the script is recording. If you need a particular field on the script, you must input valid information in that field, even if it is auto-populated by SAP (such as posting date). The script will not record fields that you do not populate during recording. Note: if you ensure you record each step in the exact order you need, you will be able to use the Auto Map feature to streamline your script creation in the next step.

* Once you post or save the transaction, Winshuttle will stop recording and will enable mapping...
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