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Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: October 29, 2013
Melvin L
28 September 2013
Problem-Posing: Solution to “Narration Sickness”
Paulo Freire says teachers are narrators that only feed students information. The students act like containers, turning into receptacles that the only way taught are by being filled with what the teachers tell them or narrates to them (Freire 1). This is why education suffers from narration sickness. Throughout the years many teachers around the world have been applying the “Banking concept” towards the way they teach their students; and in my perspective it is not the best way of implementing the kind of learning our children need in the future to help them succeed in life. Throughout my education teachers have expected me to memorize facts. They would narrate details without thinking about how the concepts of their teachings would relate to the real world. This “Banking Concept” prevents students from using their cognitive skills; therefore, they are not prepared to make clear decisions in the real world where as the problem- posing method offers a solution to this narration sickness. Narration sickness made me experience the lack of knowledge teachers transmitted to the students. In Global History class, back in high school, preparing for the Regents was simply just receiving and memorizing information. “In the multiple choice section, when you see the word Mediterranean Sea, immediately think of the Romans and that’s your answer!” This was the kind of lesson being taught by my teacher to help us memorize facts. It was a process of forced memorization of information that did not allow the students to think of why the answer was not otherwise. As a result, students in class were not listening and not interested in the topic. It was just part of a system of education that was mandatory. All high school students must take a global regents examination; no one cared about the history or how it would be a necessity for the future. Many students questioned the teacher, “Why do we have...
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